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SEMA Press Releases

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Buy from us with confidence

SEMA, The Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, is the British Trade Association of the Storage Equipment Industry. SEMA manufacturers and associations rank amongst the very best in the world and lead the industry in terms of the research, design and manufacture of storage products and systems.

Independent product assessment

To ensure SEMA Members continuously achieve the highest levels of product quality, safety and reliability for their customers, SEMA has developed a Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS 2000). As part of the ongoing initiative SEMA Members are required to undertake third-party assessment in line with the QAS. Commissioned by SEMA manufacturers, The University of Salford’s Directorate of Civil Engineering School of Computing, Science and Engineering carry out compliance checks to ensure that a manufacturer’s design calculations and product testing processes meet with acceptable codes, either CEN EN 15512 or the SEMA Design Code.

On satisfactory completion of the third-party assessment a SEMA certificate is then issued to the member company to confirm that the design process meets the requirements of the relevant design code. The initiative helps inform customers that a racking system purchased from a SEMA member conforms with best industry practice.

Within the UK, quality assurance of your racking system comes when it has been designed to either the SEMA Code or EN 15512. It is acceptable to buy or sell storage equipment in the UK that has been designed to either of these codes. What is the difference between EN 15512 and the SEMA Code?

The EN 15512 Design Code is the European Standard racking design code. This code replaced the now obsolete FEM 10.2.02 document, the Design of Static Steel Pallet Racking, often referred to as the FEM Code. The European Codes tend to be complex in their approach and EN 15512 requires the use of comprehensive computer software.

The SEMA Design Code has been in use for over 30 years and has a long history of providing racking with a high standard of safety. Manufacturers are familiar with the SEMA Codes of Practice, knowing that they ensure quality of design, manufacture, installation and finally usage, which includes inspection and repair. The design code is continually updated as part of a regular review process and SEMA manufacturers are committed to new revisions of the standard.

Buyer beware

Be wary of suppliers or manufacturers who claim that their product meets the standard of the FEM Code. It is generally accepted that this code is now out of date and racking should no longer be designed to this standard. There are a number of other FEM Codes that are currently approved for use and it is not unknown for suppliers to claim compliance with the FEM Code when actually they are referring to other codes not related to structural design.

A supplier stating that their product is EN 15512 compliant implies that it conforms to the European Racking Design Code. However, this claim may not be backed up by independent verification. If you’re looking to invest in storage then you can look to SEMA members to offer best in class equipment.

Why Buy from a SEMA Member?

Proven Quality, Safety and Reliability
SEMA Members are required to conform to the latest industry Codes of Practice
SEMA Members' product designs undergo a third-party assessment as part of the SEMA QAS
SEMA Members' systems, embracing product design, are subject to audit as part of ISO 9000 and/or a rigorous SEMA audit
SEMA Members offer customers product traceability on original equipment supplied
SEMA Members provide products and systems to meet a variety of customer needs with safety as a key focus
SEMA Members hold safety as a core consideration throughout the supply chain from product and system design through to installation and use
SEMA Members assure customers by adhering to industry safety initiatives such as SEIRS and the Approved Inspector initiative (see website for further details on these initiatives)
SEMA Members supply reliable storage solutions based on a total systems approach
SEMA Members can supply accredited after-sales services
Full and Associate Members