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Press Releases

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The SEMA Distributor Company Audit

SEMA Distributor Companies are required to be audited in order to maintain membership. This is both a key and an essential requirement.The audit consists of an independent on-site assessment by QCS International (with over 25 years of quality audit assessment):

Administration and Document Control - this ensures the members' policies, record keeping and legal compliance are all up to standard.

Process Control - looks at project management control procedures, the way clear work instructions are issued, quality of RAMs, the capture and verification of the customers’ specific requirements, the traceability of the technical design that underwrites a storage installation.
Current members and new applicants are required to pass the audit  which, in addition to the administration and process control elements, also checks for compliance with industry Codes of Practice and initiatives such as SEIRS (use of SEIRS qualified installers where installation work is carried out) and the use of a SEMA Approved Inspector for inspection works.

The audits are scored and accreditations awarded as follows:

  • 90-100% - Highly Commended status
  • 60%- 90% - Meet the standard
  • 50-59% - Improvement plan required, must reach 60% on resubmission.
  • Less than 50% re-apply when issues address, membership declined.

In addition to an up-to-date Membership Certificate, SEMA Distributor Companies carry a valid Audit Certificate. End Users are encouraged to request a copy from their chosen supplier.