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SEMA Press Releases

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Can your Supplier Prove their Credentials?

Jonathan Bennett, Chairman of the SEMA Distributors' Group (SDG) explains how storage end-users can ensure that their project is fit for purpose.

Today, the SEMA Distributors’ Group is the only scheme in the UK that independently audits the competence of resellers and distributors of storage equipment. All SEMA Distributor Companies (SDCs) have been independently audited. Four years ago, the group set out to differentiate themselves from other storage industry operators.

Appraisals of our SEMA Distributor Companies (SDCs) follow a three-year cycle and second time around, there is verification that outstanding progress was made since the process was initiated in 2014. This time, several new protocols added further rigour. The evidence-based assessments for the 30-strong group revealed that every single member passed scrutiny, with average scores improving by a comfortable margin to 86%.

First formed in 2011, the SDG continues to grow in numbers and strength. Every single SDC can prove that their project implementation meets and beats the SEMA QA standard by way of independent certification.

One way that SDG members add significant value is through our integration with other SEMA groups. For example, we have privileged access to technical departments of SEMA Full Members racking manufacturers. Compliance includes establishing a technical file on every new installation, rack repair and modification we do. SEMA audits us on this. Whether in-house or not, we all have access to have a fully qualified SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI). So, end customers of storage products can be assured all our members strive to run the safest sites using qualified and experienced installers and fully insured technicians.

Beware of Impostors

As awareness of what SEMA stands for continues to grow in significance, inevitably and sadly, we know that there are still a number of companies out there passing themselves off as affiliated to SEMA when not entitled to do so. SEMA is currently undertaking a series of actions to allow the possibility for potential for legal steps to be taken when this occurs, further enhancing the strength of the SEMA group of brands.

You wouldn’t buy a new gas boiler without checking if your installer was on the Gas Safety register, would you? Or have your house rewired without a NICEIC certificate to fall back on. Same goes for booking a holiday without an ABTA/ATOL check. And yet we come across many storage end-users who on previous projects, didn’t do their due diligence by verifying a supplier on health and safety, use of trained labour or correct storage design and carrying appropriate insurance.

But the leg work’s been done for you as the process can be pretty time consuming. There are two quick-fire ways to easily check. Either ask to see a current SDC Audit Certificate as proof of QA or click on to see if your proposed supplier is listed.